Leather parquet: a product of distinction

The hour when the enthusiasm for comfort and well-being is fully felt in terms of interior design and decoration, we reconcile economic development and ecological ethics with the floating floor made from reconstituted leather.

Floating parquetThis natural flooring meets a demand for respect for the environment and ecological development while offering comfort and well being.

With its elegant design, unlimited longevity thanks to its extreme sealing, with acoustic and thermal qualities, this leather floor offers a unique ambience and a real added value for your interior and your buildings.

We propose you different models and a varied choice of colors to perfect your interior from a noble material bringing warmth and sensuality while combining elegance and refinement.

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Technical characteristics of leather flooring

Nharacteristics Standard Values
Dimension Board   915 x 305
Dimension Tile   305 x 305
Total Thickness EN 428 10,5 mm
Classification EN 685 Domestique 23, Bâtiment 31
Total weight EN 430 ca.9.200 g/m²
Residual printing EN 433 max.0.1 mm
Reaction to Fire EN-ISO 9239-1 CFLs 1(B1)
Reaction to Static Electricity EN 1815 < 2kv
Sound reduction EN ISO 717-2 17 Db
Thermal resistance EN 12524 0.088m² K/W
Dimensional Stability EN 434 0.10%
Resistance to Chemicals EN 423  
Light Resistance ISO 105 > 7
Resistance to Water En 317 < 8%

Parquet flottant en cuir reconstitué

The most of the leather flooring

Parquets cuirs Easy to maintain with hygienic maintenance

Parquets cuirsWarm to the touch and comfortable to the foot

Parquets cuirsMany combinations available

Parquets cuirsThermal and sound insulation

Parquets cuirsIdeal for renovations

Parquets cuirsAccurate, quick and easy to install (self-locking system)

Parquets cuirsAntistatic and antibacterial

Parquets cuirsLongevity

Parquets cuirsCan be used with underfloor heating

Parquets cuirsSuitable for allergies and non-polluting


The floating flooring in leather is the ideal product to cover the floors of homes, businesses, public places (hotels, restaurants, ...) or even yachts.

Le parquet cuir - Un support idéal pour vos bureaux